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  1. Congrats! Whenever we buy flips or rentals they always seem to come in bunches. It would be nice if they were always evenly spread out to give our contractors a steady flow of work. It seems like they are always working on three or four houses at once and then don’t have anything to do for a few weeks or even months.

  2. I know you’ve started to do houses in Wisconsin, but are you still looking in the Smyrna/Austell/Mableton areas? We’re actually concentrating on Marietta, and a tad higher end (but we won’t have the volume you have). I’m curious if you feel the South and West Cobb inventories are as dry as East Cobb, and that’s why you’re looking in other areas of the country.

    1. Hey Greg,

      We’re finding very few deals in Cobb County, and everything we do find is from our direct marketing efforts (nothing on the MLS). We’re doing some work in-town, a little bit in Milwaukee, and are planning to move big-time into a couple other markets outside of Georgia…

    1. Hey Shane,

      No single major event…we’ve just decided to scale the business up a little bit. We’ve raised a bunch of money, are partnering with a couple other investors, and are starting to buy a higher volume of deals (hopefully). The shift will require some new strategies, and I’ll post about that, but this is more of an evolution than a major change…

  3. Thanks for this amazing website and all the work that you have done to give such a thorough picture of the house flipping business. So many flipping shows on tv portray the business so unrealisticly that it is refreshing to get the big picture of how much cost is truly associated with a flip. You were the inspiration for me and my husband to get into the biz on a part time basis as we both are busy at our jobs as well.

    Thanks. Laurie

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