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In some previous articles, I discussed the fact that population trends are a key defining characteristic of real estate markets. And, I also pointed out that employment trends were a key driver behind population trends.

So, where can you find good information about population and employment trends? Two great places to start are the Census Bureau (the U.S. government agency tasked with collecting data about the U.S. population and economy) and The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) (a part of the U.S. government Department of Labor that’s tasked with collecting facts and statistics around U.S. labor trends).

The Census Bureau collects all kinds of information about people, households, income, etc, including:

Unlike other agencies that provide only historic data, the BLS provides both historic and forward-looking trend data based on various models they have derived.

As an example of how the BLS data can be used, I decided to try to dig up information about employment and population trends in and around Atlanta, GA, where I will likely be starting my investing. Here is just a sample of the data I found:

If you’re doing market research to determine where to invest in real estate, let me suggest you bookmark both of the resources above.

One thought on “Market Data and Trends”

  1. So, I went and looked at your data. In the Atlanta, GA area, and two other metro areas. All the numbers are very, very similar. Percentage wise anyway. Populations are growing, roughly the same number of vacancies/rentals.

    I guess Im struggling with how you take those numbers and use them to influence your decision in any way. “Growing populations are indicate an upswing.” Well, the only population data you can find is years old. Same with any of the other indicators you mentioned. The websites you linked have their newest data in 2014.

    And if all the indicators, from 3 separate metro areas spaced across the country look identical to me… how can I actually use them?

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