3 thoughts on “Controlling Your Deals”

  1. Scott,

    Automating your business model is a great avenue of approach to streamlining the endeavor. What other items have you conducted this on? Whether hardware, software, and laperwork wise?

    If you dont have a current lead on a property, do you have a routine that you follow on researching these properties?

  2. At the beginning you mentioned that you and your wife had some experience managing groups before.
    Which qualities (character traits, job expercience, school leaving certificate, college degree in which area (management, business, marketing…)), do you think are a necessity and which help to succeed in this business?

    Also in addition to flipping do you rent some properties in order to have a passive income? If not why is that?

    Thank you for answering

    1. Hey Frantz,

      Personally, I think the most important traits in this business are:

      – Good with numbers
      – Organized
      – Disciplined
      – Can manage people/contractors well (and not scared to fire people when necessary!)
      – Can rally a team together

      There are lots of other important traits, but if you have those, the rest will fall into place…

      As for rentals, Im not a fan of rentals. We take most of our flipping profits and put it either back into the business or into non-real estate businesses we participate in.

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